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OEM 11KW 3 Phase Variable Frequency Drive 50.00Hz Jog Frequency

Place of Origin Shenzhen
Brand Name Coolmay
Certification CE
Model Number CM540-5.5/7.5/11KW
Minimum Order Quantity 1 unit
Price Negotiable
Packaging Details Packed with standard carton box
Delivery Time 3-7 work days
Payment Terms T/T, Western Union, MoneyGram
Supply Ability 100,000 set per month
Product Details
Digital Setting 0.01Hz Analog Setting Maximum Frequency ×0.025%
Speed Range 1:200(SVC), 1:1000(FVC) Speed Stability Accuracy ±0.5%(SVC), ±0.02%(FVC)
DC Braking Frequency 0.00Hz~maximum Braking Time 0.0s~36.0s.
Jog Frequency 0.00Hz~50.00Hz Jog Acceleration And Deceleration Tome 0.0s~6500.0s
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11KW 3 Phase Variable Frequency Drive


50.00Hz 3 Phase Variable Frequency Drive


11KW 3 phase drive

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Product Description

OEM 11KW 3 Phase Variable Frequency Drive 50.00Hz Jog Frequency

Three Phase VFD 0.00Hz To 50.00Hz Jog Frequency Automatic Torque Boost


The CM540 series is a high torque type vector inverter. Its motor control performance increases obviously. The inverter can implement the control of asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM), supports multi-kind PG and IO cards(including CAN COMMUNICATION).The function is more powerful. It is used to drive various automation production equipment involving textile, paper-making, machine tool, packing, food, elevator, crane, pertrolum machinery, fan, pump etc.



Model CM540-5.5/7.5/11KW



Weight 3.7kg
Basic Function
Maximum frequency Vector control: 0~600Hz | V/F control: 0~3200Hz
Carrier frequency 0.8kHz~12kHz. The carrier frequency automatically adjusted based on the load features.
Input frequency resolution

Digital setting: 0.01Hz

Analog setting: Maximum frequency ×0.025%

Control mode Open-loop vector control (SVC), Closed-loop vector control (FVC), VF control.
Startup torque G type: 0.25Hz/150% (SVC), 0Hz/180%(FVC), P type: 0.5Hz/100%
Speed range 1:200(SVC), 1:1000(FVC)
Speed stability accuracy ±0.5%(SVC), ±0.02%(FVC)
Torque control precision ±5%(SVC)(above 10Hz), ±3%(FVC)
Overload capacity

G type: 150% rated current 60s. 180% rated current 3s.

P type: 120% rated current 60s. 150% rated current 3s.

Torque boost Automatic torque boost. Manual torque boost 0.1%~30.0%
V/F curve Five modes: Straight-line, Multi-points, Square V/F, V/F separation, V/F Semi-separation
V/F Separation Two modes: complete separation, semi-separation
Ramp mode

Straight-line ramp and S-curve ramp.

Four kinds of acceleration/deceleration time with the range of 0.0–6500.0s

DC injection braking

DC braking frequency: 0.00Hz~maximum, braking time: 0.0s~36.0s.

Braking action current value:0.0%~100.0%

Jog control

Jog frequency: 0.00Hz~50.00Hz

Jog acceleration and deceleration tome:0.0s~6500.0s

Simple PLC, multistage speed operation It implements up to 16 speeds via the simple PLC function or combination of DI terminal states.
Built-in PID It can keep constant output voltage automatically when the mains voltage changes.
Automatic voltage regulation(AVR) Automatically maintain a constant output voltage when grid voltage changes.
Over voltage/Over current loss of speed control Automatic limit of the current and voltage during the operation, prevent frequent over current and over voltage
Rapid current limit Minimizing over-current fault and protect the normal operation of converter.
Torque limit and control "Excavator" characteristics, automatic limit of the torque during the operation, to prevent frequent over-current trip. Closed-loop vector mode torque control can be achieved.


Frequency Inverter Daily Maintenance:

1.Daily Maintenance

Many factors such as ambient temperature, humidity, dust, vibration will cause the internal components aging and give rise to the occurrence of potential faults or lessen the service life of the VFD. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct routine maintenance to the VFD.


2.Daily inspection items:

a) When running, whether the motor has abnormal sound.

b) When running ,whether the motor generates vibration.

c) Whether the installation environment of the VFD changes.

d) Whether the cooling fan of the drive is working properly.

e) Whether the VFD is overheating


3.Daily cleaning:

a)Reserve the drive in a clean state.

b)Effectively remove the dust on the surface of the inverter to prevent dust entering the inside of the inverter, especially the metal dust.

c) Effectively clear the oil from the cooling fan.


4.Routine Checking

Check regularly the place which is difficult to check when the drive is running, routine checking items:

a) Check the air duct, and regularly clean.

b) Check whether the screws are loose.

c) Check whether the drive is corroded.

d) Check whether the terminals have arc traces.

e) Check whether the main circuit is insulation.

Notes: When using a DC 500V Mega-Ohm-Meter to test insulating resistance, please make sure the main circuit and the frequency inverter is disconnected. please don't use the insulation resistance meter to test the insulation of the control circuit. High voltage test is unnecessary(it has already been conducted before delivery).


5.Replacing of Quick-wearing Parts

The quick-wearing parts of the frequency inverter mainly includes cooling fan and electrolytic capacitors for filters. Their lifetime depends largely on their application environment and maintenance condition. Normally, lifetime is:

Components Life
Fan 2~3 years
Electrolyte capacitor 4~5 years


OEM 11KW 3 Phase Variable Frequency Drive 50.00Hz Jog Frequency 0