Convenient, efficient and low cost - CM100 screw machine control system crafted by Coolmay

May 10, 2021

In industrial production, screws are just a small part, although inconspicuous, they are indispensable. As small as the electronics industry, as large as the heavy industry, it is inevitable to apply it. The traditional way of screwing the screws is done one by one manually. This method not only increases the labor cost of the enterprise, but also has very low efficiency, which obviously does not meet the production needs of various enterprises today. Under the inevitable trend of industrial automation, automatic screw machines are also emerging.

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The automatic screw machine is composed of a feeding part and an electric batch part. Under their joint action, the screw installation work of the product can be completed quickly and accurately. Its application in industrial production can not only improve the production efficiency and quality control of various products, but also greatly reduce the labor cost of the enterprise, and realize a win-win situation between customers and enterprises. Therefore, the market prospect of screw machines is very broad.

The reason why the screw machine can replace the traditional manual method to achieve high automation operation depends largely on the automatic equipment carried inside it. Looking at the automation solutions currently used by screw machine manufacturers on the market, it can be roughly divided into two situations: one is the use of a single-chip computer, and the other is the use of a touch screen plus a Panasonic PLC and an expansion board.

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Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages. As far as the single-chip microcomputer is concerned, although its cost is relatively low, its own instability can easily cause the screw machine to malfunction during the production process. The second solution guarantees stability and provides richer functions, but its biggest disadvantage is the complexity and high cost of the entire control system, which contradicts the simple and cheap product positioning of the screw machine.

No matter which automation scheme, it has brought various problems for screw machine manufacturers, so a simple and cost-effective automation control scheme is what screw machine manufacturers have been waiting for. How can this situation be broken? Coolmay Technology Co., Ltd. provides a perfect solution. In response to the needs of the screw machine industry, Coolmay adopts an integrated design plan to create a convenient, efficient and low-cost dedicated control system for the screw machine, namely the CM100 screw machine control system.

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CM100 screw machine control system features:

This system has 4 motor control axes, which can support the gantry type four-axis automatic locking screw control, and meet the needs of the existing gantry type automatic locking screw control scheme;

Adopt QM3G all-in-one machine control scheme, with powerful calculation and flexible customization capabilities, fast speed, short refresh time, and superior motion control acceleration and deceleration performance;

CM100 motion control mainboard has 32M storage space, can store 40 screw machine control processing files, each file can store 30 solder processing programming points, with a display for visual display;

The handheld counterpoint used adopts a simple editor, which is not only convenient for programming, but also clearer and more intuitive.

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Unique advantages of CM100 screw machine control system:

Compared with the screw machine automation solutions on the market, the CM100 screw machine dedicated control system has obvious advantages:

  1. The control scheme of QM3G all-in-one machine makes the screw machine more intelligent and accurate in automatic feeding and screw locking, which greatly improves production efficiency. The PLC program is not only easy to operate, non-professionals can quickly get started, but its development and design are also very convenient and short in cycle, which can meet the different program needs of screw machine users;
  2. Based on the integrated design and pluggable terminals on the periphery of the product, the control system is very convenient in after-sales maintenance. It only needs to be replaced directly, so that users are no longer troubled by after-sales problems;
  3. The control system has low cost and meets the actual needs of users.It not only presents programs to users for free, but can also customize and develop new programs. Users do not need to spend any time and manpower, and the development cost is zero. In addition, because of the convenience brought by integration, users can experience the ultimate experience of "zero maintenance costs, zero travel costs, and zero labor costs";
  4. As the screw machine is unavoidable to encounter vibration problems when it is working, the screws of the machine may loosen and fall, resulting in various situations such as insufficient material supply. While the CM100 screw machine control system increases the speed of movement, it also strengthens the softness and stability of the axis movement, completely solving the problem of screw falling for customers.

The system's simple operation, efficient production, and low cost have created great profit margins. It is the best choice for screw machine users in automation solutions. In addition, because the essence of the glue dispenser and the screw machine are almost the same, they both realize their own functions through automation solutions. Therefore, the CM100 screw machine dedicated control system can also be applied to the glue machine.